Give a Homeless Child a Friend.

1-in-3 homeless is a child. They didn’t choose to be in a homeless shelter, but you can help brighten their lives during this tough transition and give them memories they will cherish.

Where is Teddy Now?


Help Give Peace and Hope
To Homeless Children

Your Donation Helps Write a New Chapter for Homeless Kids

No child ever asks to be homeless. My new book, Teddy Cares™, is written from the perspective of a teddy bear who has been waiting for a special friend to arrive. This beautifully illustrated book shares the bear’s anticipation of their arrival. He wants them to give him a name and walk them through the things to come. In the book, Teddy reminds his new friend that the shelter is just a temporary place and it’s more like a big house than anything else. He shows them that everything is provided for them, and tells them about birthday parties, the new friends they will make, and the people who can talk with them whenever they might be sad. The bear and the book are both tangible symbols of safety and hope for the child and their family’s future.

Each book comes with a bear and both are theirs to keep forever. It would be my privilege to have you share in this life-changing project with us.

“No child ever asked to be homeless.”


Comfort and a Friend for Only $50.

For $50 we can reach a child struggling to cope with homelessness. We are working to bring this initiative to more than 300 homeless shelters across America. Your generous donation can make that a reality. You can give them a friend. You can give them hope. You can give them a reason to keep going even though they find themselves in a state of confusion.

1,000,000 Friends for 1,000,000 Kids.

Over 2,000 kids have been sponsored so far. But that hardly scratches the surface of the kids whose lives have been upturned. Hundreds of thousands across the country need love and support tonight as they go to bed in a strange new place. Help us put 1,000,000 bears in the hands of 1,000,000 kids.

About Bob Sweeney

I’ve devoted my life to understanding homelessness, and its impact on children. My work in one of the nation’s largest homeless shelters and the creation of the Homeless No More recovery program have provided me with deep insights into the complex triggers of homelessness.

I’ve shared my expertise on numerous television and radio programs, and written three books on the subject. Teddy Cares™ is an extension of this lifelong commitment. It is about providing comfort to homeless children and giving them a sense of hope and guidance through their challenges.

How Your Donation Helps

Every penny you donate to Teddy Cares™ plays a pivotal role in transforming a child’s life. With just $50, you provide a comforting teddy bear and a guiding book to a homeless child, reminding them they’re not alone.