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Bob Sweeney is best known as the Executive Director of the Dallas LIFE Homeless Shelter. He is nationally recognized as one of America’s leading authorities on the subject of homeless recovery.

Homeless No More
Makes Real Change Possible.

At the heart of Bob’s success is his 10-month Homeless No More recovery program which boasts a 90% homeless recovery success rate. The co-chair of the US Congressional Homeless Caucus, late Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, proclaimed Homeless No More as, “The best example of a homeless recovery program I have seen.” National leaders including former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, Tony Evans, and Bishop TD Jakes have also endorsed the program.

No child ever asks to be homeless. So Bob created his book, Teddy Cares™  — written from the perspective of a teddy bear who has been waiting for a special friend to arrive. This beautifully illustrated book shares the bear’s anticipation of their arrival. He wants them to give him a name and walk them through the things to come. In his book, Teddy reminds his new friend that this is just a temporary place and it’s more like a big house than anything else. Teddy shows them that everything is provided for them, and tells them about birthday parties, the new friends they will make, and the people who can talk with them whenever they might be sad. The bear and the book are both tangible symbols of safety and hope for the child and their family’s future.

Early in his career, Bob served in pastoral ministry before becoming head chaplain of a maximum-security prison. Thereafter, he transitioned into homeless ministry as the Executive Director of Carriage Town Ministries, an association of Gospel Rescue Mission. Bob has served as Executive Director of Dallas LIFE since 2005.

Bob recently celebrated 40 years of marriage with his wife, 5 children, and 7 grandchildren.

The 5 Triggers of

Prior to creating Teddy Cares™ — early in his career — Bob became a national leading expert on homeless recovery by identifying and addressing the five triggers of homelessness: drugs, alcohol, poverty, broken relationships, and mental illness. From overcoming addictions and restoring relationships, to finding permanent employment and housing, the program participants learn to re-enter society as productive citizens.

Bob Sweeney’s approach to homelessness is founded upon recognizing the issue as a condition that can be treated in recovery. His healthy balance of accountability and compassion challenges the program participants to reestablish themselves as self-sufficient in life while finding joy in the journey. As Bob says: ”Homelessness is not a disease we need to cure but a disorder we need to address.”

Now, Bob extends his expertise to children of homeless parents with Teddy Cares™, a bear and a book specifically designed to help comfort a child an a new, and often scary environment.

Bob’s Books

Bob Sweeney is the author of three books on the subject: Homeless No More: A Solution for Families, Veterans, and Shelters, 25:35 Main Street: Rethinking Homeless America, and Teddy Cares™.

Teddy Cares™

Homeless No More:
A Solution for Families,
Veterans, and Shelters

25:35 Main Street:
Rethinking Homeless America