Give a Homeless Child
The Friend They Need.

When a child moves into a homeless shelter, they are met with all kinds of fears and uncertainties. But you can give them the comfort they need with the simple gift of Teddy Cares.

All Children Need a Friend.

Children are resilient, but they still need friendship, just as any of us do. And when they find themselves in a homeless shelter, surrounded by new people, the experience can be overwhelming.

That’s why I started Teddy Cares. I’m Bob Sweeney, Executive Director at Dallas LIFE, one of the US’s largest homeless shelters, and one with a 90% recovery success rate. At my shelter, I noticed that 1 in 3 of our guests was a child. And I desperately wanted to do something to help them through this difficult time.

I wrote Teddy Cares® from the perspective of a teddy bear. He’s been waiting for them, at our shelter, along with a beautifully illustrated book. He says he’s been sitting on their bed all day, just itching for them to arrive. He wants them to give him a name and walk them through this process. Over the next dozen pages, he reminds them that this is just temporary. And even though they’re in a new place and going to a new school, there are also new friends, kids who are going through the same thing that they are. He shows them that everything is provided here, and tells them about the monthly birthday parties, and the people who will support them and can talk whenever they might be sad.

The bear and book are theirs to keep forever, and it would be our privilege to have you share in this project with us.


“The best example of a homeless recovery program I’ve ever seen!


“The best example of a homeless recovery program I’ve ever seen!

Comfort and a Friend for Only $49.99

For $49.99 we can reach a child in more than 300 homeless shelters across America. You can sponsor children in your city, the city where you grew up, or anywhere else. You can give them a friend. You can give them hope. You can give them a reason to keep going even though they find themselves in a state of confusion.

Extend Your Impact

Choose a sponsorship option below that resonates with you and see the impact of your kindness extend beyond a one-time gift. donation.”



Provides a Teddy Cares® Package, including a
teddy bear and book, to a homeless child.


$49 ea.

Sponsor more than tow homeless children
and/or grandchildren. You pick the city we
send your gift to – and it will touch a child in need.



Direct your donation to a city of tour choice. With a $500
donation, We can distribute Teddy Cares® packages to 10 homeless
children in the chosen city.



Rally your coworkers, friends,
or family to collectively sponsor a
group of children. A $1000 donation Helps
our comforting teddy bears and guiding books.

1,000,000 Cares for 1,000,000 Kids

Over 4,000 kids have been sponsored so far. But that hardly scratches the surface of the kids whose lives have been upturned. Hundreds of thousands across the country need love and support tonight as they go to bed in a strange new place. Help us put 1,000,000 bears in the hands of 1,000,000 kids. Our end goal is 2,000,000 to fully self-sustain the budget of Dallas LIFE.