How You Can Help

Join Us In Making A Difference

At Teddy Cares®, we’re dedicated to guiding homeless children through one of the most challenging times in their lives. But we can’t do this without you. Your contribution can transform lives and write new chapters in the stories of these children. There are multiple ways for individuals, organizations, and corporations to get involved:

Individual Contributions

Your generous donation, whether one-time or recurring, helps provide Teddy Care packages to homeless children. These packages include a comforting teddy bear and a heartwarming book that guides them through this difficult time. Every contribution matters, no matter how small.

Corporate Partnerships

Corporations can partner with Teddy Cares to provide bulk donations or to sponsor specific initiatives. This is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to give back to their community and create significant social impact.

Shelter Partnerships

If you’re a director or staff member of a homeless shelter, you can implement the Teddy Cares program in your facility. Introducing Teddy Cares to your shelter can provide comforting resources to the children you serve while demonstrating a commitment to their emotional well-being.

Fundraisers and Events

Participate in or organize a fundraising event in your local community. This can be a powerful way to raise awareness and collect donations.

Spread the Word

Remember, your support goes a long way. As Bob Sweeney, the soul behind Teddy Cares and an authoritative voice on homelessness likes to say, “Your donation is more than a gift, it’s a beacon of hope for a child navigating the storm of homelessness. Imagine looking directly into the eyes of a hurting and homeless child knowing you helped make a real difference. Ready to get involved?”